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The Team
The success of Reprotronics is made possible by our team of expert professionals. Their leadership and vision guides the Company in its endeavors to become a market leader and the most 'Reliable Partner' in the industry. The undying spirit of our employees and their competitive energy has progressively powered the Company's growth.
The Team
Sebastian V. Lonth - General Manager, Reprotronics LLC., & The Print House
Sebastian V. Lonth
No person can be a great leader unless he takes genuine joy in the successes of those under him. ~ W.A.Nance

The above saying is so true in the leadership journey of SVL. With a strong faith in the Omnipotent, SVL leads a team of over 150 people since last two decades and achieves milestones one after the other. Coupled with the technical and management skills, SVL directs his team to new pastures whereby the organization and its people have become the most 'Reliable Partner' in the industry they belong. High standards are set under SVL's leadership and it is strictly followed to achieve the optimum result.
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The Team
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